Friday, March 31, 2017

Web Design:

This is the start of something new and slightly frivolous!

As a recent university admit, it's been interesting to see how many universities have set up "Admitted Class of 2021" pages and often a corresponding GroupMe chat. A GroupMe chat is simply a large chat room where all of the admitted students can relax and share messages and memes with their fellow students. The purpose is ostensibly to "connect" with classmates, but it seems that these chats are also meant to foster a sense of community that will lead students to matriculate in the fall.

An example of one of the chat room headers.

GroupMe has detailed documentation for how "bots" can interact with the chat rooms. Some bots, such as GORT, assume a role in the chat rooms that transforms the normally egalitarian group into a system of user hierarchies and designated powers, allowing the ability to ban users from the room, among other actions. Other bots simply post memes or silly images.

I find it interesting that these university chats are small "islands" of human connection in a greater sea of college groupchats. When I joined the groupchats for my respective universities, I immediately wondered what else was going on in the ecosystem - was our groupchat the largest? the fastest-growing? the least-friendly?

From this, I set out to make a bot and website of my own that would create leaderboards for the college GroupMes of the Class of 2021. Here's a peek into the initial HTML development.

 Logo design.

Setting up the different categories in an HTML table. 

Coloration testing. 

Testing layouts and colors. 

The three categories. 

Finalizing formatting. 

The leaderboard itself.

Tune in next Friday for information about the final website and the stats from the first week!