Friday, March 3, 2017

3D Printing: HMT Rajat Caseback Remover - Testing

Another update on the HMT caseback remover: It works! The process is past the break:

I started out with my trusty HMT Rajat. I made sure to take off the watch band and spring pins, so they would not get in the way.

As I mentioned earlier, the dial is an aftermarket replacement, which significantly lowers the value of the watch. No matter to me!

I flip the watch over and inspect it. It looks almost like a beetle, flipped over on its back...

 All of the grooves are clear, so let's dive in!

Lining up the divots properly. A tight fit is necessary to remove the caseback.

Looking good.

Now, simply rotate the plastic caseback remover anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise)....

The caseback is loose!

I flipped the watch over, and the caseback fell off of the body into my hand.

What a beauty.

I noticed in the caseback there were actually several scratches... they seemed to be initials and a date of repair: "MM 11/17/98". There were other scratches that were also undecipherable. Below are some photos for your guessing pleasure.

I couldn't help but to include more photos of the inner workings of the watch. Absolutely stunning.

Look for a how-to-guide to 3D printing your own caseback remover soon!