Friday, January 13, 2017

Thingiverse Reviews: #1115785 Nintendo Gameboy DMG Backdoor Replacement Part 2

Continuing on with the Thingiverse Reviews post from last week... let's print the part!

The bed is heated up to 30 degrees C so that the filament will stick, and the extruder is heated to 185 degrees C.

The printer makes 3 skirt loops around the part to get the filament flowing.

Then the printer begins the part outline. The filament is now not nearly as dark-colored (I switched from black to white).

Continuing the part outline for the raft.

(I ripped the skirt off from the bed with a metal pick.)

Continuing to fill in the raft on the bottom layer. Making good progress, and all of the filament is sticking to the bed just fine.

The part has unique lines that go across to make a ridge shape.

Finishing up the bottom raft layer.

The first layer is always the slowest. Now we are moving on past the raft to the actual part.

The next step is to cover up the ridged parts on the back panel.

Now we have moved on to the "infill" section.

And here is the finished part, raft and all!

Yes, there are a few strings I removed from the final print.

Removing some of the supports for the tab on the printed part.

A view of the finished tab.

I also removed the supports for the tabs on the bottom edge.

The finished design, with raft and supports removed.

How does it fit? The moment of truth...


Here is the Gameboy before...

...and after. A thorough success. Thank you, Chris Guen, for this design!