Friday, December 16, 2016

Yamaha Amp Repair: Ordering Capacitors

Well, it's time to order the replacement capacitors for my Yamaha amp. Of course, I will buy these components new, in order to maximize their lifespan in my amp. Here's what the part info looks like:

At $5.29 a pop, these capacitors aren't at a bad price at all. Of course, they are not high grade audio capacitors, but they are the same quality as the ones found in the amp already. So I see no harm in replacing the old capacitors with these.

A quick note is that the width (35mm), pin distance (10mm) and the capacitance (8200uf) are identical between the replacement capacitors and the old capacitors, but the working voltage in the replacements is higher (63wv compared to 58wv) and the height is shorter (47mm compared to 60mm). It's not an issue to go over the working voltage when replacing a capacitor, and the reduced height is something I would just chalk up to improvements in capacitor design.

Looking forward to the repairs!