Friday, November 4, 2016

Tektronix TDS 544A: Re-Unboxing

Here's a quick photo series of my latest project- repairing a Textronix TDS 544A oscilloscope. This is the massive box from eBay that shipped the whole thing. Let's (re)unbox this used oscilloscope!

Loads of bubble wrap. The shipping was over $50, so it shows.

Actually, the seller did a really nice job with the bubble wrap- it's layered around each side of the oscilloscope (in the black trash bag).

The oscilloscope, bagged.

Not in bad condition at all. There is a bit of sticker residue on the top surface, but it otherwise looks to be in very good condition.

Not bad for under $300- except for the one fatal flaw.

I knowingly purchased this piece of equipment with a failed self-test so I can get to repairing it at the steal of the price I bought it at. The repairs will simply consist of replacing some of the older capacitors on the circuit boards, which online users have indicated will cause the "Acquisition" interfaces to fail.

Next week- looking over the outside of the oscilloscope!