Friday, October 14, 2016

Zenith 7H820Z Antique Radio: Disassembly

Now that I've determined that the radio has the unusual propensity to catch fire once plugged in, it's time to take it apart and fix the issue. Let's get to it!

Looking at the back of the radio, I started with unscrewing the three screw pads on each corner (my radio should have four, but it appears that one screw pad has fallen off.)

A closer look at the screw pads.

Now the antenna of the radio is visible.

The next step was to remove the red-painted screws from each side of the antenna.

Now that the back had been taken apart, it was time to look at the front. The large dials could be carefully pried off.

Using a dull wood plane bit to pry off one dial.

After quite a bit of work, success!

Now the electronics can be pulled out of the back of the radio, highlighting the inside electronics. Interesting...