Friday, July 22, 2016

Rocketry: Propellant Casting Test A (failure)

Now that I've mixed the propellant mixture and dissolved it in water, it's time for the first test to get it to turn into rocket propellant. Unfortunately, this time it was to no effect. This test did not work at all.

The idea was to fill a deep fryer with sand, which would conduct heat (about 380 degrees F) into the bowl and cause the propellant mixture to evaporate, leaving behind propellant that could be mixed into the peanut butter-colored slurry that forms rocket fuel.

Here's a photo of the rocket fuel slurry- potassium nitrate, table sugar, and water.

After pouring in the mixture, the slurry remained rather foggy.

I put the lid on for two hours and barely any water had evaporated, although the sand in the container was extremely hot. It seems this method just won't work- onto more experimentation!