Friday, November 6, 2015

Filastruder: Introduction

After I had my 3D printer for a couple months, I had the urge to extrude my own filament. Filament isn't that cheap, and by extruding my own filament, I would have the ability to use whatever plastics I wanted, and whatever amounts I wanted. All on my own time.

So, I bought a Filastruder kit!

I chose the Filastruder over any of the other available filament extruders for a couple reasons. Firstly, the price is reasonable, and I'm not paying for nearly the cost of a new printer in order to extrude filament. Secondly, the development of the Filastruder has been really transparent. Tim Elmore, the man behind the machine, has given out information about the design and construction throughout the process of improving the Filastruder, and the whole thing is open-source. And lastly, the creators of the Filastruder have been truly dedicated to the process of personal filament extrusion- they've released updates to their product, helped make fixes for customers, and worked on staffing a forum.

All of this top-notch work convinced me to buy one...

The instruction manual. I really like how you can see what the final product will look like before you build it. Top-notch thinking... hopefully this will make it a less complex build than the Prusa i3 Rework!

And what's in the box...? A TON of parts! I ended up ordering an extra melt filter nozzle (right item below the right plywood block), but otherwise the contents of any Filastruder box would be what you see here.

Really interesting. I like the mix of parts that they provided- seems like a carefully thought-out product.

They even give you a free bag of ABS pellets to start out with! Neat.

They are certainly really small... (pencil for scale). I wonder if I could grind up prints to this size?

Interesting! I'm looking forward to the build. More updates coming up next week!