Friday, October 16, 2015

3D Printing: Precise Color Changes: Step-by-Step Part 3- Printing

Last week, I described the process of making a print with a precise color change. Using the CuteOcto.stl file, we created a gcode file with a color change 30 layers up in an 85 layer print.

Let's see how it worked out in real life. I set up the printer to do the bottom half in white (it came out a bit grey, due to the fact that I had just used black and not fully changed the filament).

Looks good so far.

Here are the bottom layers of the print, right before the printer switches over to the color change cube.

Lifting up the print head from the print and moving over to start the color change cube.

At this point, I cut the white filament at the cold-end...

...and let the printer feed in red filament afterwards.

The printer now begins the color-change cube.

The print was still at a point where it hadn't reached the red filament yet.

But soon, the color change was underway.

The color change was complete.

The hotend lifted up and returned to the CuteOcto model; printing resumed, this time in red.

No problems... everything ran smoothly.

After only an hour and a half, the print was over.

On the left side, the octopus. On the right, the color change cube.

The octopus printed out quite nicely!

Pictured above is the color change cube. The strand hanging off to the left is due to the extruder pulling a small amount of filament out as it moved upwards.

Success! Everything worked out flawlessly.