Friday, September 4, 2015

Air Compressor: Drain Valve Upgrade Test

After I attached the drain valve parts together (see the post from from two weeks ago), I waited for a couple days to make sure that the epoxy had dried. I wanted to be entirely certain that the epoxy would fill in the gaps between the threads on the plumbing parts.

Everything looked great, besides that the tires on the air compressor had deflated a little bit. Luckily, the apparatus on the bottom was still off the ground.

I haven't tested out the air compressor in a couple months, so it was anyone's guess whether everything would work or not. But I checked the oil and the filter, and everything seemed good.

I turned on the air compressor and it built up pressure to 40 PSI, which was good enough for this test. I turned the compressor off, and checked to hear if any air was coming out in any strange places. Fortunately, all was quiet. So I opened the valve on the bottom to see how the fluid release worked.

All of the fluid collected from the air compressor running shot out into a plastic drink cup that I set out (the lid is to reduce splashing). The liquid was a tan color, with amounts of dissolved oil and water making up parts of the solution.

And when the flow eventually ceased, I still left the drain valve open. Compressors should be stored with the drain valve open to release moisture.

This is what the discharge looked like after 5 minutes of use. Surprised at the amount of water that collected?

Check back next week for more updates!