Friday, August 28, 2015

Spool Holder with Bearing Support Build Log

Recently, I printed out an attachment for the Prusa i3 (Rework) Support Brackets that holds a spool. Tech2C's Customizable Compact Spool Holder with Bearing Support creates a spool holder on the support brackets, which is out of the way of the rest of the printer. I changed up the parts list in this Thingiverse project to match the supplies that I thought were needed.

Firstly, print the Spool_Support_Zaxis_10mm.stl part.

Also collect (either 10mm or 3/8 in) one 135 mm piece of threaded rod, 4 washers, and 6 nuts.

Now file out the inside of the part to make sure that the rod will fit.

Simply remove one of the support bracket rods from the back, and move the pre-existing washer and nut on one end downwards.

Now put on the spool attachment bracket, and tighten the nuts surrounding it.

Now you can reinstall the support bracket.

Put a nut and a washer on the threaded rod piece, and slide it into the bracket. Now put a nut on the other end.

You want your spool bracket to look like the image above.

Now simply put a washer between two nuts on the other end (to keep filament reels from falling off).

Looking great!

That's about it for now- come back next week for Thingiverse Reviews!