Friday, July 24, 2015

Thingiverse Reviews: #403012 Better Whistle

Welcome to this week's installment of Thingiverse Reviews! Today, we are taking a peek at one of the neat designs that I've printed out recently, the Better Whistle by crkoolkid.

I like this design due to several different reasons. One of them is that the whistle actually works. Apparently, Thingiverse has a lot of whistles out there that just don't make sound. This one, however, does not fail to disappoint, with a loud, clear tone.

Here's an audio clip of exactly what the whistle sounds like- shrill and noisy.

The design of the whistle is one of my favorite parts. crkoolkid decided to make the whistle print as a solid figure, with the ball in the middle to be detached after the print completes. One-piece whistles on Thingiverse have had problems with sound, but it's neat that the author of this design sidestepped that type of design completely.

Here's a quick photo of a bunch of the whistles printing at once. There is a small ring that sticks out at one end, which is perfect for putting the whistle on a lanyard or on a keychain.

I put a 12 inch long piece of string on most of them for use on lifejackets and other boating gear. I needed some whistles at the last minute, so this design was very helpful- I just loaded up the file and printed them off.

And I liked the design so much, I printed off an extra just in case. Being someone who enjoys the outdoors, whistles are always handy for me as emergency equipment.

One of the other neat things about this design is that the ball inside the whistle is very easy to pop off. You can see that the sphere just barely rests on the bottom part of the whistle in this image:

The trick to pop out the ball is to get a sharp, sturdy tool underneath it, and pry it out. I like that the air hole is also the same way that you can pop out the bead in the whistle.

There was really only one problem with the print- that there is a tendency for it to print with small artifacts blocking the air hole. You can see it in the very center of the image below.

The problem is easily remedied, however, by prying out the small bits with a sharp tool. Then, everything is ready to go.

Overall, the Better Whistle is a fantastic design and one that had no major flaws. It's easy to print and easy to get working, and with the minor exception of some printing artifacts, the whistle came out perfectly. Highly recommended.