Sunday, December 21, 2014

Prusa i3 Rework: Build Log #4- X-Axis Assembly

Here is the fourth part of my build log for my Prusa i3 Rework, going over the X-axis assembly. The X-axis is responsible for the movement of the gantry and is controlled by a single stepper motor with a toothed belt.

Here you can see some of the parts necessary for building the X-axis. The two printed parts in the image are the X End Idler and X End Motor.

Another shot of these parts. The linear bearings were very oily when I got them originally, but nothing that a paper towel couldn't fix.

Here you can see two linear bearings pushed into the X End Idler. After careful taps with a mallet, the bearings fit in the part nicely. The holes did not need drilling out.

You can see that the 624 ball bearing is attached inside the part with a screw and nut already. This step was one of my favorites- you heat up the rod with the nut on the end and pull it into the slightly small hole in the part. I used a heat gun and it worked perfectly.

A shot of what the nut looks like when seated correctly. It is snug and will not pop out.

The trick with these endstops is to pry up the connector with the cable harness inserted before inserting the screws. Not the most intuitive design, but it works well enough.

Inserting the endstop in the X End Idler. It doesn't sit entirely flush, but it doesn't affect its performance.

The inner nut in this picture (attached to the right back screw) was a real pain to get tight. I recommend using threadlocker for this one.

Here is the X Carriage printed part up close. Replikeo did a good job with this print, unlike some of the other parts. This is probably due to this part having no overhangs and being rather short.

The linear bearings just pop into the part...

Then the zipties go through. I messed up the direction once or twice- just be careful.

If I was going to improve this part, I would have it be made up of two shells that clamp together. I guess I'm just not a big fan of zipties.

The assembled part.

Now the idler, motor end, and carriage go together on the shafts. First, the idler, and then the carriage.

Lastly, the motor end goes on. A couple mallet taps makes sure that it is secure.

And finally, the finished part.

This post is the fourth of ten that goes over my Prusa i3 Rework build. These posts are in the order given on RepRap's wiki page for the Prusa i3 ReworkAll of the images from the build are in this Flickr photo album.

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