Sunday, November 9, 2014

Prusa i3 Rework: Build Log #2- Bill of Materials

This post, which is about the materials for the printer, is a continuation of my build log of my Prusa i3 Rework.

As you can see above, I received a bunch of packages to start out. The very largest bottom package contained the 3D printer parts from Replikeo, and the box above it contained a borosilicate glass plate from McMaster-Carr to use for the bed. Unfortunately, Replikeo ships their printers with fiberglass build plates, which have been known to bend, based on what other reviews have said.

After opening the box, I was surprised with the careful packaging that kept all of the parts safe when they were shipping. The rods were put in sleeves on the top, the white ABS spool was put in the bottom left, and the cardboard box contained printed parts.

As you can see here, the threaded and smooth rods were separated. This was most likely to reduce scratches on the smooth rods from the sharp threads on the threaded rods. Although all of my smooth rods shipped fine, one of the threaded rods was bent slightly (it was for one side of the z-axis).

After removing the part of the styrofoam packaging that held the rods, there was a part that contained the power supply and the motors. The motors were covered in oil, which leaked out a bit onto the packaging. After a quick brush off with a paper towel, the motors were ready to use.

Another closeup of the rods, with the bearings on the right and part of the bed on the left.

Pictured above are the motors and USB connection cable, as well as the J-Head clone hotend.

This picture shows the included electronics found in my kit- an Arduino Mega 2560, four StepStick stepper drivers with heatsinks, a RAMPS 1.4 board, and three MakerBot-style endstops with connecting wires.

One slight issue that I found was that the solder job on the heated build plate was not very good. However, it only took a couple seconds to reflow the solder and fix the issue so that the HBP looked like the image above.

Here are all of the parts laid out on my workbench table, in a somewhat sorted state. By this point, I wasn't thinking about actually building the printer, just making sure that I had all of the right parts. I did have all of the right parts in the end, although I was convinced that I had lost the Fan Duct 3D printed part until I found it in a little box.

And here I am, ready to begin with the first step of the 3D printer build, as you can see by the webpage open on the laptop!

This post is the second of ten that goes over my Prusa i3 Rework build. These posts are in the order given on RepRap's wiki page for the Prusa i3 ReworkAll of the images from the build are in this Flickr photo album.

My build log: